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00:00, The Stage Łobzowska, Cracow
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Startup Stage

Inspired by Brad Feld’s book on Startup Communities we decided we want to host an event which will bring together the startup community in Krakow. Since January 2013 we are organising regular meetups once a month. In just six months our attendees list grew close to 1 000 people. Anyone who has something they would like to share with the community can use the opportunity and present at Startup Stage. The event is hosted in Polish.


00:00, Ludwinowska 7/9, Kraków
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Office Hours

Every month we steal a couple of hours from our busy schedule and open our office to startups. We have 45’ sessions and anyone is more than welcome to come. Office hours are probably the easiest way to meet and talk to us in a relaxed and open atmosphere. It is also a great way for us to meet new and aspiring entrepreneurs.


00:00, Kraków
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Spin School

Workshops are a great way to share our knowledge with the startup community. SPIN is based on Steve Blank’s Customer Development methodology. During our workshops we work a lot on formulating the Customer-Problem-Solution hypothesis, defining a value proposition, and bringing it all together in a repeatable and scalable business model.

Until today we worked with more than 100 startups. SPIN workshops are held in two cities Krakow and Warsaw. The event is hosted in Polish. For more information visit www.spinschool.co