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Enteye, Flowbox and Turbo Translations join our Portfolio.

by: Innovation Nest | on: 17/02/2014 | 0

We would like to announce our first investments in 2014. In the end of 2013 we finished with ACCELERATE workshops, which were the 1st part of our acceleration program. Out of 6 companies, that took part in that step, we decided to invest in 3 of them. They will continue with the program.

Next step is a working trip to Silicon Valley where the teams will meet with our network of mentors and get feedback. After coming back they will continue working on releasing their product.

The teams are:


Enteye is a first fully reactive device cloud focused on delivering to market high quality tools for rapid embedded prototyping directly from the cloud. With enteye users can program in pure javascript only, collect data, analyze and apply their changes to the hardware directly from the browser. No need for sophisticated software or hardware programmer.

Enteye solves all the problems with distributed device cloud communication, security, data exchange and storage. Build on top of Meteor framework it pushes the web experience to the next level integrating internet with the world of things with automatic UI updates, real time visualisation and analysis.


Flowbox FX is a new compositing tool for film production use. It will speed-up users’ work and make their workflow more flexible. It refines the node-based approach and offers a global repository of nodes for image composition, analysis and processing. It also allows users to fully use the power of their hardware with automatic CUDA/OpenCL acceleration.

Flowbox FX is written in Luna, a new programming language also created by Flowbox Team.

Turbo Translations

Turbo Translations is a web application that allows super fast and extremely easy way of ordering translations. Translations are done by professional translators, this way you are getting the best quality of the translation. Application is available 24/7 and usual time of the translation is around 30 min.


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