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How to build a sales framework in an early stage SaaS startup.

by: Marcin Szeląg | on: 27/03/2014 | 0

We often discuss with founders how to build an effective sales framework. One, when applied can scale revenues in a consistent way. In SaaS where revenue comes pretty much always from the same source (subscriptions) it is easy to take a structured approach to sales.

Thanks to Dave McClure most of us think about sales as a funnel with multiple steps a customer has to take in order for our startup to generate revenue. We tinker with AAARR so that our numbers are close to what is considered as industry standard. We often use tools like Mixpanel to gather data and later analyze it. You might even say that this knowledge has been already commoditized. If every SaaS startup reads the same blogs, follows the same people – it is hard to achieve a competitive advantage.

At our recent sales meetup we have discussed the idea of creating a framework which can help to establish a sales process in a SaaS Startup. We came up with four basic steps.

STEP 1 – Segment your customers

It all starts with the basic CPS (customer-problem-solution) hypothesis where we only focus on the C – the customer. I wrote a couple of month ago a post on identifying a Minimal Viable Segment. read more…


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Marcin Szeląg

I help startups with their business models and growth strategies. In love with the Internet. Happy dad.

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