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How to get funded?

Nest is an early stage venture fund. We love global SaaS business. As a Lean VC we have the elasticity to invest as little as $25 000 to as much as $1M. Our offer is split between acceleration and seed


Twice a year we head out to search for the most promising teams, with the best potential to build a global business. Teams apply for our acceleration program during which we work together on their business model and MVP. The goal is to speed up the process of customer development and getting out of the building to test the product in market conditions.

What is SEED?

In our seed investment process we are looking for early stage Software as a Service startups, who are focused on building a global business and dominating a market segment. Our focus is geared towards future market leaders, who can make a dent in the universe with their product.

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Part 2: Who we are

0 by: Innovation Nest
on: 30/08/2013
All Partners at Innovation Nest have spent most of their professional lives in Internet companies and we believe that to be able to help companies it is necessary. People like Fred Wilson, Paul Graham, Marc Andreesen or Reid Hoffman show the way. read more

Part 1: Our Dream and Digital Revolution

0 by: Innovation Nest
on: 30/08/2013
A digital revolution changes the world. This process started about two decades ago and it will continue for at least another two decades. The technological advance changes almost everything: individuals, society and business. In other words: software eats the world. read more