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What is seed?

We are looking for teams who work on projects with global potential in the area of the internet or web based technologies.

What you should know?

In our seed investment process we are looking for early stage Software as a Service startups, who are focused on building a global business and dominating a market segment. Our focus is geared towards future market leaders, who can make a dent in the universe with their product. To be considered for our seed investment, your startup should fit a specific profile:

We often refer to ourselves as a Lean VC. Said that, we endorse the Lean Startup approach, supercharged with Steve Blank’s Customer Development methodology and Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation. We only work with selected teams, to ensure that each team we work with receives our full support. At Innovation Nest we are all hands on people and in the past we have launched, built and sold technology companies. Each startup we work with we provide with know-how, access to our network of mentors, and capital. Our typical investment at a seed round is about $200000

How to pitch your startup to us?

Before we invest we always want to get to know the founders a little bit better. We gave a lot of thought as to how the investment process should work and came up with few easy steps. You can read about each step in this post. The process starts with an introductory email. In the past we tried using a form but we learned that, a form is too formal, and people don’t really like them. This is why we decided that we will start each new relationship, with a simple email.

You can email us in any fashion you choose, but we do favor startups who give some thought to what and how they write to us. Each day we receive many emails from startups raising capital, we start with the ones who provide all the necessary information. This is just a suggestion, but your email should be able to answer these types of questions:

It is best that you attach your pitch deck to the email. You might also check out this video on pitching hacks.

Send us your Deck