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Customer Development: What to Do with … AIDA

by: Marek Kapturkiewicz | on: 25/03/2014 | 0

A kind of introduction …

There is a growing awareness of strategies and approaches utilizing Customer Development among entrepreneurs who are starting to work on their own projects.

Ecosystems aiding businesses are becoming more mature, and the number of projects utilizing various incubator and accelerator programs is rising. Also, meetups, hackathons and conferences, all of which favour networking and experience exchange, are becoming more frequent.

Among people starting to work on their projects and those planning to do so, there is a rising awareness (and conviction, thanks to the presented cases) of the help provided by the Customer Development strategy. One can much more effectively and, above all, more quickly reassure oneself that the new project includes all the features required for a higher probability of success.

Books, articles and information posted on the Web are helpful too; they give one access to the basics of Customer Development. I would like to mention one of my favourite sources, namely Steve Blank’s online course entitled, “How to Build a Startup”.

Business Model Canvas (BMC) – already at the beginning …

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Written by:

Marek Kapturkiewicz

Co-founder, investor & partner at Innovation Nest (seed/VC fund);Co-founder of Innovation Nest Entrepreneurship School (SPIN); previously i.a. long-term executive board member, COO and senior vice president of the Onet.pl

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