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Startups – Feel the Blues of Customer Acquisition and Networking in 2014

by: Karol Pokojowczyk | on: 19/12/2013 | 0

The Personas, Extravertics, Selling on Social Media and Networking.

Nobody said Customer Acquisition should be easy. You’ve taken the leap and set up social business accounts, maybe even on Reddit, HackerNews, Inbound.orgGrowthHackers.com and other niche channels to create brand awareness, encourage engagement and stir up conversation about your products and services. This is hardly breaking news, rather just a good start of Customer Acquisition.

There’s a lot of guides how to become a Social Media Ninja, a SEO Guru, Growth Hacker, etc. You probably read those and noticed that’s often just a mumbo jumbo, sadly. We tend to forget that Social Media are a lot like real life social networking.

Use a Real Life as the best example:

1. Don’t be Self-Centered. No one will ever love you


It’s just awkward. Your app is great, for sure. But don’t make everything you post about you or your company. You need to tailor your posts and content to your visitors. People come to Facebook and other Social Media networks to have fun (although if recent news show that we are starting to prefer informational posts), upload pictures and connect with family and friends. So fit your business into that experience.


HINT: Simply Measured is an awesome tool which will help you choose the best influencers to follow, understand who they are and help you target the right content.

2. Imagine Personas!


It’s easy to get around on a party when you’re extraverted. Good news is that on Social Media everybody is extraverted.
There is an interesting game: before joining a party think of characteristic condition – like “talk to everybody who wears red”. Do you have a buyer Persona or a target customer/follower identified? If you don’t, get on that ASAP. If you do, that’s great! Keep that person in mind every time you post or tweet. What would he or she be interested in?
imageHINT: Need help creating Personas? You can grab all required knowledge from this free PDF guide from DigitalMarketing.nl here.

3. Stop With That Selling


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Written by:

Karol Pokojowczyk
Karol Pokojowczyk

Online marketing freak, chief editor of GrowthHacker.am.

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